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Manifesto del carnevale storico offidano
Manifesto del Carnevale Offidano

Offida Carnival tradition is based on reliable and interesting historical records dating from the early 1500s when public festivities and merry-making occurred for the first time.

Modern carnival in Offida likely dates back to1946, providing new forms of entertainment combined with old tradition.

During the carnival of 1946 two groups in custom appeared for the first time: li mus nir (black faces) and la testina. (small head).

Since 1949, then, the carnival has become a special memento for relaxing and having fun, thanks to the Congreghe whose purpose was to put together friends and relatives and let them participate to the carnival fun.

Today, Offida Carnival takes place every year following a precise programme: the official opening is on 17th January, St. Antonio’s Day, while the two Sundays preceding the last week are respectively devoted to friends and relatives; meanwhile the carnival parties of Saturday evening take place inside the Serpente Aureo Theatre. The last week, the most important and the busiest, begins with Thursday afternoon, since 1950 devoted to the children’s fancy dress parade inside the theatre; Friday is entirely devoted to Lu Bov Fint; on Saturday evening there is the gala party, on Sunday the masked ball and on Monday the party during which the Congreghe meet inside the theatre. On Shrove Tuesday there is the carnival in the square and the procession of Li Vlurd, on Tuesday evening, which closes the carnival.

Foto scattata all'interno del Teatro serpente Aureo durante i Veglionissimi
Il Teatro Serpente Aureo durante i Veglionissimi
Foto scattata all'interno del Teatro serpente Aureo durante i Veglionissimi
Foto della Piazza durante il Carnevale del martedì

Foto con salto dei bagordi
salto sopra i "bagordi"