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Church of the SUFFRAGIO or of the DEATH

Via Vannicola Defendente - Offida (AP)

Foto dell'interno della Chiesa del Sufragio sec. diciannovesimo
Interior of the Church of the Suffragio, 19th century.

Next to the church of the Addolorata there is the church of the Suffragio, built on a rectangular plan.

The façade, facing East, shows traces of two walled up small travertine doors, dating back to the fourteenth century.

It is still possible to admire a terracotta frieze in the Romanesque style, a travertine lintel decorated with Byzantine friezes and the T sign (Tau), the symbol of God’s name, on stone.

Besides, the façade shows the former entrance of the church of S. Antonio abbot.

To the left of the doorway are the remains of a deteriorated fresco, ascribed to Simone De Magistris (1534-1600), showing "S. Antonio."

Through the actual doorway, dating from the seventeenth century and situated along the Via Vannicola Defendente, you can go inside; the church, divided in three aisles, was rebuilt in the nineteenth century.

On the arcades to the right there are two frescos: one portrays "Gaspare del Bufalo", the preaching saint that held the preaching in 1821; and the other, a valuable fifteenth-century piece of work, shows the "Madonna del Soccorso".

Foto della nicchia con lo scheletro in legno della morte del 1600
Statue of the "DEATH", 17th century

On the back wall , in a niche, is a seventeenth-century fake wooden skeleton, representing "the Death", that the Society of the Suffrage used to walk, as a symbol, in procession.

In 1450 Vannarello di Giovan Pietro, a gentleman from Offida, founded a hospital – inside the church premises - under the name of “S. Antonio abbot Hospital."

In 1873 the church was consecrated to the Virgin Mary.