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Located inside the "DE CASTELLOTTI-PAGNANELLI" building - 17, Via Roma -Offida (AP)
Tel 0736-88871 0736-888609 Fax 0736-888158
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Foto di una stanza della pinacoteca
A detail of the Picture's Gallery

Since 1998 it has been located inside the “De Castellotti – Pagnanelli” building and counts a number of portraits/portrait paintings donated by Father Andrea Cipolletti (19th century) to the Municipality of Offida and painted by artist Vincenzo Milione in the 18th century. The faces portrayed in the pictures are those of illustrious/famous/eminent/renowned people from Offida lived in different historical epochs, among them monsignors and ecclesiastics/priests.

The town’s picture gallery also houses two precious paintings, respectively by Pietro Alemanno and Simone De Magistris.

Pietro Alemanno’s work (? -1498), a disciple of C. Crivelli (1430-1493), represents S. Lucia. The tempera painting has the following inscription: "Hoc opus fierce fecit Bartolomeus Campanarius... MCCCCLXXXX (1490) mensis decembris."

Foto con a destra la tela di Pietro Alemanno, Santa Lucia del 1490 e a sinistra la Tela di Simone De Magistris, I Tre Regni. del 1589
On the left the painting by Pietro Alemanno, "Santa Lucia" from 1490 
On the right the painting by Simone De Magistris, "I tre regni" (The Three Kingdoms) from 1589

The other work, "Allegory of the three Kingdoms" (1589), is an oil painting by Simone De Magistris from Caldarola (1538-likely after 1611).