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The 1600s

piantina di Offida di Ferdinando Fabiani - 1624
town map of 1694 with a detailed description of Offida in the Marca (Ferdinando Fabiani - 1624)

Throughout the 1600s, the Pope was the undisputed ruler of the Marches. Offida was still under the Presidato of Montalto, as reported by Rosini in his volume "Compendioso racconto Historico della terra di Offida" of 1654.

This was the ecclesiastical zoning of today’s Province of Ascoli: Diocese of Ascoli, Diocese of Ripatransone-Montalto, Archdiocese of Fermo.

In 1636, as reported again by A. Rosini, the truce between the city of Ascoli and the Territory of Offida went through a crisis.

Foto di un'antico merletto a tombolo
Antico merletto a tombolo